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March into Money

  • 33يومًا
  • 35خطوة


Join me for this program ,as we discover what it really is holding you back from being in a healthier place financially. This program will cover all the many hidden blocks, and also explore ways to overcome them and help you get to where you really want to be. All while delving deeper into who you really are and why you think and believe the way you do about money. Please set aside 33 days and commit to spend some time each day on this program. Do the exercises and tasks, EFT Tapping's, mediations, use the Affirmations daily, and show up daily for yourself! If you can do this then I guarantee you will experience shifts and changes that will help you to grow a successful money mindset and push past your money blocks and any mind made limitations. Why 33 days? Well Angel number 33 is a high vibrational number and a sign from your Angels that you are in alignment with the Divine , and able to manifest whatever you desire into form. I set the most powerful of intentions that whoever takes part in this program shall experience money miracles, and step into the abundant flow of financial gain! For all money blocks to be cleared and transmuted into profound insight and wisdom! And for all perceived brick walls and dead ends to open up with the key of prosperity of fresh perception and Divine redirection! March confidently into your new Empowering Money story!

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