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How to Overcome Procrastination

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I am somebody who is all for promoting having Dreams! Not just having Dreams, but actually taking steps to make those Dreams a reality! So you start living your Dreams! That's definitely something that I am in the process of doing. But of course in order to start making those Dreams happen, we have to take steps. If procrastination is an issue, then obviously it's blocking us from being where we truly want to be. Included within this Course ~ Why We procrastinate 4 main types of Procrastinators Breaking The Cycle Self-love Self -worth Self-confidence Self-belief Change Your Point of View Instant reward Self-sabotage Fear of Failure Fear of Success The Perfectionist Aligned Action Steps EFT Tapping Tasks & Self Exploration Exercises So come and join me, as I dive deep into procrastination and how share ways to overcome it once and for all!

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