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Learn & Explore Steps to Help You Manifest & Grow

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I have been putting together and sharing manifestation workshops for my little Discord support group. I had no idea just how powerful they would actually be when I first started. The transformations I have witnessed, from doing the steps I am about to share with you, has been just amazing to say the least! This is written out as a course ,jam packed full of information, knowledge ,steps and tools to help you Manifest and Grow! You will be able to use what you have learned from this time and time again! The steps will provide you with tools, knowledge and exercises you can come back to time and time again! The beauty of this lay out is you can work through it at your own pace, yet I did keep it in the same structure as when I shared it with the Discord group where we went through one section per week. Structure of the Course is as follows ~ Identify What you want to Manifest Identify What is getting in your way Identify Tools to help you Clear & Carry on! Solidify the Intention Learn how to become the Magnet of Attraction How to Use Gratitude as a Tool EFT Tapping Script How to Use Affirmations as a Tool Create your own Affirmation Manifestation Bubble Meditation How to Use Visualisation as a Tool Rewrite Your Story How to Use the Past to Shape the New How to create Aligned Action Steps How to form a Story Grid

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